How to Join Sandhill

Sandhill Golf Club prides itself on being a golf club for everyone, the only joining process is downloading our membership application form below and returning it to our club shop.

If you are considering joining us then look forward to a warm welcoming by the owners, staff and members, all of which will go out of their way to make you feel at home and integrate with the club. If you are wanting competitive golf weekly competitions are available to enter, along with prestige’s competitions such as the club championship. But if you just want the social benefits of being a member all competitions are optional. We have greatly run sections such as the Rabbit and Senior sections that meet up every week and participate in inter club competitions. This is a great way to play with new people, make new friends and play other courses at a discounted rate.

Sandhill Golf Club is a family run business and family play a big part in the club. Members are encouraged to bring family along to events such as the Captains Day and regular race nights. Moreover, we have events such as Around the World where we encourage members to bring non golfers along to play, all for fun and a great party afterwards.

The junior section is thriving this year with 13 new members. Sandhill Golf Club wants to encourage the future of the sport and organizes coaching sessions and weekly competitions for juniors. Mums and Dads are all welcome to join their children around the course while they play and master their golfing prowess. So if you are under the age of 18 and thinking of taking up golf please get in touch.

Feedback from a new member

I joined in in September 2020 when the club was offering a great deal. I had always played Sandhill as it is a great course and had the bug to play regular again so decided to join. The club were very welcoming and the Club Captain, along with existing members soon invited me to join them for a game.

- Jarrod Heald -


Sandhill Golf Club
Sandhill Golf Club, Middlecliffe Lane, Little Houghton, United Kingdom, S72 0HW

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